The Protestant Cemetery

Cemetery Catalogue in PDF form

Plans: Plan of whole cemetery, in PDF form; Plan of Parte Antica, in PDF form; Plan of Zona Vecchia, in PDF form; Plan of Zona Prima, in PDF form; Plan of Zona Seconda, in PDF form; Plan of Zona Terza, in PDF form.

HTML catalogues: Index by year and Index by name. Catalogues of nationalities: none; Algeria; Argentina; Albania; America; Austria; Australia; Barbados; Belgium; Bulgaria; Canada; Ceylon; China; Cuba; Czechoslovakia; Denmark; Germany; Holland; English Language; English; Estonia; Finland; France; Britain; German Language; Gibraltar; Greece; Holland; Hungary; India; Ireland; Italy; Japan; Java; Kenya; Latvia; Lebanon; Lithuania; Latin Language; Malta; Netherlands; Norway; New Zealand; Poland; Prussia; Rumania; Russia; South Africa; Scotland; Serbia; Slovenia; Switzerland; Sweden; Taiwan; Turkey; Wales; Yugoslavia; ?; Zambia.

Some pictures

Charles Trewhella
Edward Berry
Molly Cotton
Hans van Marees
Jim Dolen
Gerda Salzmann
The Baby
Frederick Searle
Jefferson Page
Reginal Hughes
Lucy Lee
Devereux Cockburn
George Werpup
Stone cutting
Frank Timings
Raised metal
Raised stone
Incised and filled
Incised and filled
Incised and filled
Raised metal on stone
Incised and painted
Raised metal

Sebastian Rahtz
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