Preface, Erik Bach
Preface, Mette Moltesen & Birte Poulsen
An Introduction, Pia Guldager Bilde
Pottery and Glass
Ceramica d'impasto protostorica, Nicola Bruni,
Black Gloss, Ria Berg
Cooking Ware, Louise Mejer
Pompeian Red Ware, Birte Poulsen
Thin-Walled Ware, Louise Mejer
Terra Sigillata, Ria Berg
Lead-Glazed Ware, Birte Poulsen
Plain Ware, Kristine Bøggild Johannsen
Transport Amphorae, Kristine Bülow Clausen
Dolia and other large vessels, Camilla Cecilie Wenn
African Red Slip Ware, Birte Poulsen
Lamps, Marina Prusac
Glass, Birte Poulsen
Late-Antique Kitchen Ware, Birte Poulsen
Post-Antique Pottery, Leif Erik Vaag
Metal and Coins
Metal objects, Marina Prusac
Coins, a Bronze Tessera and Medallions, Birte Poulsen
Sculpture in marble and other stone, Mette Moltesen
Finds Related to the Architecture
Brick stamps, Ria Berg
Architectural terracottas, Kristine Bøggild Johannsen
Miscellanea, Mette Moltesen
Late-Antique Tombs
Late-Antique burials in the villa area, Pia Guldager Bilde
The Human Skelotons, Eva Wahlberg
Other Organic Materials
Invertebrate remains, Ezequiel M. Pinto-Guillaume
Plan A and B