Vinnie Nørskov, Lise Hannestad, Cornelia Isler-Kerényi & Sian Lewis (Ed.). 2009, Edizioni Quasar


Cornelia Isler-Kerènyi: The Study of Figured Pottery Today
Vladimir Stissi: Does Function Follow Form? Archais Greek Pottery in its Find Contexts: Uses and Meanings
Dimitri Paleothodoros: Archaeological Context Iconographic Analysis: Case Studies from Greece and Etruria
Vinnie Nørskov: The Affairs of Lucien Bonaparte and the Impact on the Study of Greek Vases
Vincenzo Bellelli: Etrusco-Corinthian Notes. A Class of Pottery and its Socio-Economic Context in Two Centuries of Scholarship
Gunnel Ekroth: Why (not) Paint an Altar? A Study of Where, When and Why Altars appear on Attic Red-figure Vases
Eleni Hatzivassiliou: Warriors at a Mound: A Puzzle Scene by Theseus and Athena Painters
Sian Lewis: Athletics on Attic Pottery: Export and Imagery
Cathrine Morgan: Imports on the Dining Table? The Function of Attic Pottery in the Bosphoran Kingdom
Diego Elia: Research Perspectives in the Study of South Italian Vase-painting: the case of Red-figure Pottery from Locri Epizephyrii
Erich Kistler: The Encoding and Decoding of Satyr-symposiasts at Vases in Archaic and Classical Athens
Ricard Theodore Neer: The Incontinence of Civic Authority:Pictorial Iambos in Athenian Vase-painting
Stefan Schmidt: Images of Statues on Attic Vases: The Case of the Tyrannicides