Religion and Society. Rituals, Resources and Identity in the Ancient Graeco-Roman World.
The BOMOS-Conferences 2002-2005
A.Holm Rasmussen & S. William Rasmussen (eds.). 2008, Edizioni Quasar                                                                                                                                       


Part I: Ritual and Cult
J. Podemann Sørensen: A Theory of Ritual
J.A. North: Acting and Ritual in Roman Historians: or how Horatius held the door post 
S.William Rasmussen: Ritual and Identity: a Sociological Perspective on the Expiation of Public Portens in Ancient Rome
J.F. Miller: Poets atthe Palatine Temple of Apollo
I. Gradel: Ritual, Death, and Divinity: Titulature in Imperial Epitaphs
I Mæhle: Female Cult in the Struggle of the Orders
A.Holm Rasmussen: Priest and Ritual in Ancient Greek Cult
L. Briut Zaidman: Rites et mythes en Grèce ancienne. Sur les traces de Pausanias
V. Rosenberger: Gifts and Oracles: Aspects of Religious Communication
K. Rørby Kristensen: The "Ritual" of Legislation: Some Preliminary Refections on the Interaction of Law and Religion in Ancient Crete

Part II: Resources and Manpower
B. Forsén: Resources and Manpower Needed for Constructing Greek Temples - Reflections Stemming from an Arcadian SanctuaryK. Buraselis:Priesthoods for Sale. Comments on Ideological and Financial Aspects of the Sale of Priesthoods in the Greek Cities of the Hellenistic and Roman Periods
A. Holm Rasmussen: Priests and Liturgies
J. Wallenstein: Resources for Manpower. Magistrates'Dedications to Aphrodite
S. William Rasmussen: Sacred Sex as a Resource? Ritual Prostitution and Roman Religion
C. Kvium: The Ownership og Sacred Things. Observations on Sacred, public and Private Property in the Late Roman Republic and Early Empire

Part III: Religion and Identity
S. Price: Memory in Ancient GreeceL. Bruit Zaidman:La notion d'archaisme et la construction de l'identité religieuse dans le monde grec ancien
J.A. Krasilnikoff: Pan, Attica and religious Innovation from the Persian Wars to the end of the Fourth Century BC
R. Parker: The Cults of Sub-Groups and Identity in the Greek WorldK. Buraselis:Woven into the Peplos. Aspects of the Combination of Ruler Cult with Elements of the Traditional Polis Identity in the Hellenistic World
V. Rosenberger: Panhellenic, Athenian, and Local Identities in the Marmor Parium?
J. Whitley: Identity and sacred Topography: The Sanctuaries of Praisos in Eastern Crete 
B. Forsén: Sacred Topography and Identity in Arcadia
S.William Rasmussen: Priests, Politics and Problems in Identity Construction in Ancient Rome
C. Kvium: Identifying Identities - Some Thought about gentes and gentiles in Archaic Rome
J.M. Rosenløv: Pious Philosophers. Cosmologies and religious Identities
J.E. Skydsgaard: Caesar's Horse - A Note