Roman Influences on the Roman Barbaricum

edited by Thomas Grane

2007, Edizioni Quasar                                                                                                  



T. Grane: Did the Romans Really Know (or Care) about Southern Scandinavia? An Archaeological Perspective
L.M. Imer: Greek and Latin Inscriptions in the Northern Barbaricum
L.M.-B. Højbjerg Bjerg: Roman Coins - Evidence of Possible Nodal Points?
M. Drevs Dyhrfield-Johnsen: Roman Ideological Influences
T. Grane: Southern Scandinavia Foederati and Auxiliarii?
U. Lund Hansen: Barbarians in the North - The Greatest Concentration of Roman Weaponry in Europe
X. Pauli Jensen: Preliminary Remarks on Roman Military Equipment from the War Booty Sacrifice of Vimose, Denmark
K.S. Hvid: Reconstruction of the Northern Germanic Armies AD 200
X. Pauli Jensen: The Use of Archers in the Northern Germanic Armies. Evidence from the Danish War Booty Sacrifices
S.E. Albrethsen: Logistic Problems in Northern European Iron Age Warfare