Studies presented to Jens Erik Skydsgaard on His Seventieth Birthday

(eds. Karen Ascani, Vincent Gabrielsen, Kirsten Kvist, Anders Holm Rasmussen). 2002, L'Erma di Bretschneider


C.R. Whittaker: Proto-industrialization in Roman Gaul
E. Christiansen: The Moses Finley Approach to Slavery and Slave Society
T. Bekker-Nielsen: Fish in the Ancient Economy
G. Shipley: Rural Landscape Change in Hellenistic Greece
J. A. Krasilnikoff: Water and Farming in Classical Greece: Evidence, Method and Perspective
M. Jameson: Attic Eschatia
B. Wells: The kontoporeía--a Route from Argos to Korinth
L. Quilici: Da Roma alle foci del Garigliano. Per un parco regionale della Via Appia Antica
H. Forbes & L. Foxhall: Anonyma Therina: Summer Crops in Theophrastus and in Modern Greece
P. N. Doukellis: Pour une approche des cadastres romains en Grèce: Remarques rétrospectives
Jesper Carlsen: Estate Managers in Ancient Greek Agriculture
Ö. Wikander: "Where of Old all the Mills of the City have been Constructed". The Capacity of the Janiculum Mills in Rome
J. Isager: Pliny on Poison, Agriculture and Art
L. Hannestad: Gods and Agriculture: Evidence from an Agrarian Settlement in the North-Western Crimea
S. Isager: Halikarnassos and the Well of Aphrodite. On EG 199, Text and Provenance
A. Holm Rasmussen: The Attalid Kingdom and the Cult of Cybele at Pessinous
S. William Rasmussen: Ars haruspicina and ars nesciendi--Some Reflections on a Sheep's Liver
J. Ch. Meyer: Omens, Prophecies and Oracles in Ancient Decision-Making
Ch. Wikander: Dynasty--The Environment of Hellenistic Monarchs
M. Herman Hansen: The 190 Themistokles ostraka as Evidence of Large Political Groups
J. H. Schreiner: The Naval Policy of Themistokles
V. Gabrielsen: Socio-economic Classes and Ancient Greek Warfare
N. M. Saxtorph † & Christian Gorm Tortzen: Acies contra Alanos: Arrian on Military Tactics
A. Søby Christensen: Caesar's Last Will and Testament?
K. Friis Johansen: On the Composition of Plato's Republic. Some Reflections
J. Christensen: A Note on Patientia as a Political Term in Cicero's In Catilinam I.1
D. Vera: Res pecuariae imperiali e concili municipali nell'Apulia tardoantica
P. Bruun: Coins and History
N. Hannestad: My Best Ideas--I Got Them from Others
M. Moltesen: Three Little Bears
K. Ascani: Georg Zoega e Napoli
I. Gradel: Syme's Roman Revolution--and a British One
E. Hansen: Souvenirs de Delphes
K. Kvist: Works Published by Jens Erik Skydsgaard
Tabula Gratulatoria