Reality and Myth
(eds. Jesper Carlsen, Bodil Due, Otto Steen Due & Birte Poulsen). 1993, L'Erma di Bretschneider                                                                


O.S. Due: Intruction
P. Briant: Alexandre à Sardes
G. Calcani: L'immagine di Alessandro Magno nel gruppo equestre del Granico
J. Carlsen: Alexander the Great(1970-1990)
B. Due: Alexander's Inspiration and Ideas
N. Hannestad: Imitatio Alexandri in Roman Art
M. Heerma van Voss: Alexander und die ägyptische Religion
J. Isager: Alexander the Great in Roman Literature from Pompey to Vespasian
B. Kiilerich: The Public Image of Alexander the Great
H. Montgomery: The Greek Historians of Alexander as Literature
P. Moreno: L'immagine di Alessandro Magno nell'opera di Lisippo e di altri artisti contemporanei
A.M. Nielsen: The Mirage of Alexander - a Minimalist View
C. Nylander: Darius III - The Coward King. Points and Counterpoints
B. Poulsen: Alexander the Great in Italy during the Hellenistic Period
M. Jessop Price: Alexander's Policy on Coinage
H.Sancisi-Weerdenburg: Alexander and Persepolis
S. Sande: The Golden Alexander