Beyond the Spectacle
(eds. Carsten Hjort Lange & Frederik Juliaan Vervaet). 2014, Edizioni Quasar                                                                 


C. H. Lange & F. J. Vervaet: Introduction

Triumphal Conventions

C. Lundgreen: Rules for Obtaining a Triumph - the jus triumphandi once more
R. Westall: Triumph and Closure. Between History and Literature
C. J. Dart & F. J. Vervaet: Claiming Triumphs for Recovered Territories. Reflections on Valerius Maximus 2.8.4 

The Middle Republic

C. H. Lange: The Triumph outside the City. Voices of Protest in teh Middle Republic 
M. Cadario: Preparing for Triumph. Graecae Artes as Roman Booty in L. Mummius' Campaign (146 BC) 

The Late Republic

J. Carlsen: Notes on Cn. Domitius Ahenobarbus' Victory and Triumph over the Arverni 
J. M. Madsen: The Loser's Prize: Roman Triumphs and Political Strategies during the Mithridatic Wars 
F. J. Vervaet: "Si neque leges mores cogunt". Beyond the Spectacle of Pompeius Magnus' Public Triumphs
J. Osgood: Julius Caesar and Spanish Triumph-Hunting 

Civil War and Triumph

W. Havener: A Ritual Against the Rule? The Representation of Civil War Victory in the Late Republican Triumph
I. Östenberg: Triumph and Spectacle. Victory Celebrations in the Late Republican Civil Wars 

The Roman Republican Triumph

J. Rich: The Triumph in the Roman Republic. Frequency, Fluctuaction and Policy