Anne Louise Blicher Winther
The story of a ruined place can often be found growing in the cracks. As the botanist Richard Deakin points out: “Flowers form a link with the memory.” (Deakin, Flora of the Colosseum of Rome, 1855: vi PREFACE) Overall the project is about the concept of nature and memory told through the Pink Asphodel. It is a continuation of my recent project on the Onion-leaved Pink Asphodel (Asfodelo fistolosus), which I started on my stay at the Danish Institute in April 2019. The Pink Asphodel is said to grow on the upper part of the ruins of the Colosseum. The myth goes that is was carried there as seeds on the fur of the wild animals from Africa, who were brought to fight in the arena. Another theory is that the seeds have been transported with stones used for constructing the arena, as rare flowers have been found growing at other historical sites like for example Ostia Antica. The project will investigate these theories further through site specific notations which will be transscripted into aesthetic painterly reflections in dialogue with Eckersberg's (1783 — 1853) classical presentation of Colosseum.