Rosa María Rodríguez Porto
My research project in Rome will contribute to the study of the reception of Italian Humanism in the Iberian Peninsula by shedding light on the intellectual pursuits and artistic patronage of four characters who acted as cultural mediators between both territories: the aristocrats Íñigo Dávalos (1414-1484) and Nuño de Guzmán (1405?-1467), and the high ecclesiastics Juan de Torquemada (1388-1468) and Juan de Acuña Carrillo (died 1491). Several illuminated books that either belonged to them or were commissioned at their request are presently held at the Vatican Library, conforming a rich corpus that charts their intellectual and diplomatic itinerary, from Visconti Milan and Florence, to the Roman curia and the court of Ferrara. In these contexts, manuscripts illuminated according to the new formats and visual conventions of the Humanistic book worked as tokens of their owner’s cultural and political concerns. Therefore, the restitution of these manuscripts to the aesthetic constellation and social networks they belonged to is key not only for re-assessing the role of these Iberian bibliophiles in Italy, but also for the understanding of the new artistic policies and dynamics generated in the Iberian Kingdoms from 1440s onwards.