Cecilie Brøns
In collaboration with Danish and international partners, the interdisciplinary research project "Sensing the Ancient World: The Multiple Dimensions of Ancient Art" undertakes thorough investigations of the polychromy of ancient artworks using multispectral techniques and different natural scientific analyses. In addition, the project includes further, often invisible dimensions of ancient art such as the effect of light and the embellishment with textiles, ornaments, jewellery, wreaths, and flowers. By including the often inaccessible dimensions of antiquity, the research project aims to achieve a new, more inclusive, holistic understanding of the art of antiquity. An important part of polychromy research involves comparative studies of relevant material. The project therefore collaborates with the Danish excavations of Caesar's Forum in Rome, led by Dr. Jan Kindberg Jacobsen. As part of the project, the newly excavated objects, sculpture as well as architectural elements, from the excavations will be examined for their original polychromy. A large part of the stay at the Danish Institute in Rome will therefore be spent on a preliminary examination of the finds from the excavations, which will form the basis for a research strategy for sampling and overall analytical approach.