Eva Sommestad Holten
AN OPERA FEATURING BERNINI My work in Rome will focus on research and inspiration for an opera project featuring the artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini, where I am involved as librettist and dramaturg, including visuals. The story of Bernini has a very special quality; the setting - the Roman Baroque - is to a large degree shaped and created by Bernini himself. As for synopsis, the fascinating detail that finally shapes a storyline come to light and materialize during the deeper research. The synopsis is a process, as is the libretto. This requires an understanding of the wider context, which in this case is be found in Rome. The libretto will not only be text, but also include a mood board element of visuals, giving the composer a more multilevel inspiration and understanding of the drama to be interpreted. Baroque is in itself staging - and with new staging possibilities as for spatial techniques, time has come for opera to meet the challenge of this overwhelming and complex subject - the man and the art of Bernini.