Niels Lomholt
The purpose of my stay in Rome is to complete two projects started in 2004 and 2008. Performer. Rome has always been a meeting point of a large number of cultures, ideas and attitudes of political, social and religious character. These ideas and attitudes manifest it self in many forms, of formal and informal character in rituals to street performances. These forms are the subject of the Performer project. Shadow of Ideas (De Umbris Idearum). Giordano Bruno, the Italian philosopher was burned on the stark at Campo dei Fiori, Rome 17. February 1600. He left behind a vast number of projects and books. Among these is an elaborate study on memory. The question raised in Bruno’s project was the problem of storing memory as a kind of database. One of the tools in Bruno’s project was memory by associations; to this end Bruno constructed a wheel containing several circles that turned independent of each other. These wheels were divided into several parts, each containing a reference to a statue or other images. When these wheels turned new associations would appear relating to different subjects. The object of the Shadow of Ideas project is to research and record statues and images in Rome, to reconstruct and compose associations to present day events, being political, social or religious, may they be in the form of greed, climate warming’s, war or other disasters.