Sebastian Hedevang
During a two months stay at The Danish Institute in Rome visual Artist Sebastian Hedevang will delve further into the oeuvre of italian artist Gianfranco Baruchello (Livorno, 1924) in studying the archive and library of Fondazione Baruchello in Via di Santa Cornelia. The very same place where Baruchellos 'gesamtkunstwerk' Agricola Cornelia S.p.A. happened in the years 1973-81 - an enterprise difficult to pin in that it was both producerer of sugar beets, jam, honey and meat as well as numerous films, paintings, artist books and assemblages by the artist and father of the family living at Agricola Cornelia, Gianfranco Baruchello. Sebastian Hedevang is not searching for a recipe to move his artistic practice to the countryside and let it bleed into farming, but will let his studies of that particular period of Baruchellos artistic practice inform his own search for hollistic loopholes in minor artistic practices challenged by increasing professionalism, academism and aggressive finansialization of urban spaces (spaces to live) and neurocapitalism (spaces to produce art works). Challenges, that already informed Baruchellos work in the 70s, and which may take on different forms today today, but nevertheless remains eerily unresolved.