Mogens A. Morgen
A Little History of Architecture Research project by Mogens A. Morgen, professor, architect MAA The inspiration for this research project is Italian. During a stay in Rome I came across the book L'Architettura raccontata ai ragazzi. The book is an architectural story that tells in condensed form about the evolution of architecture from early times up to our days. The book is well illustrated with drawings that - as only drawings can - show the essence of particular parts of historical architecture. The book's audience is young people with a starting interest in architecture. The research project will be published in book titled A Little Architectural History. Architectural history can be written in many ways but will typically be about the historical development of architecture based on a systematic description of the artistic, cultural, political, economic and technological developments. To achieve a systematic, the subject is typically divided into architectural periods and geographical areas. Thus, architectural history may be about different times, traditions, regions, overall stylistic tendencies. But also about the development of society. A fundamental question is how do the actual architectural works translate into historical narrative? In the research project, the most important architectural historical works will be reread in order to form a basis for the book. At my stay at the Academy in Rome, a significant portion of the stay will be spent revisiting and photographing the architectural works that Rome is so rich in and which will inevitably form part of an architectural history. The Roman architectural works will be documented through photographic recordings to sharpen the research approach to them. At the same time, I want to visit and study at the research community at Sapienza Università di Roma.