Trine Riel
My project at The Danish Institute in Rome focuses on the practical philosophy of the Stoic Musonius Rufus, who lived and taught in Rome during the first century AD. Rufus is a key figure within the history of philosophy conceived as a way of life — as opposed to the academic, and by now dominant, tradition of scholarly philosophy. He attached fundamental philosophical importance to a careful arranging of the most mundane aspects of existence, providing minute prescriptions for diet, clothing and even hairstyle and house interiors. During my stay, I will study the philosophical and biographical sources relevant to the life and thought of Rufus, and, from an experiential perspective, explore the physical landscape in which his philosophy of everyday living was conceived and practiced. The project builds on my practice-based PhD completed in 2019, ‘Nietzsche’s Intramundane Askesis and Philosophy as a Style of Life’.