Suste Bonnen
In the desired stay in Rome I will partly seek inspiration for new and more violent expressions in the body language of my models - in photography and in sculpture; and partly I will do sketches for the sculpture I have to perform in the Wadden Sea: the tide column. When I go to Rome, I have Gian Lorenzo Bernini's works in mind every day. Observe what the Patos who expresses his works do to us today, where we are afraid of the great emotions - and transfer it to my own work with both photography and sculpture. In my work on photography and sculpture, I will be inspired by expressions of anger as expressed in Bernini's first sculpture of 1619, "Damned Soul" and try to leave the whole body's expression of horror in "The Rape of Proserpina" affect my characters body language. The ecstasy as it can be experienced at Holy Teresa I will use as inspiration in the female figure who will float on top of the water in the Tidal sculpture. And the strength of the man's raised arms and entire body, which will be flushed with water every 6 hours, I will borrow parts from Bernini's fiercely masculine body language.