Reflections: Harbour City Deathscapes in Roman Italy and Beyond
(Ed by Niels Bargfeldt & Jane Hjarl Petersen), 2020. Edizioni Quasar






D. Borbonus:Organized Collective Burial in the Port Cities of Roman Italy

E. Borgia: Foreigners from the Eastern Mediterranean at Ostia, Portus, and Puteoli in the Imperial Period. A reconsideration of the Matter through an Analysis of Funerary Inscriptions

D. Noy: Electa mihi domus est Ostia felix. The Burial and Commemoration of MIgrants at Ostia and Portus

S.L. Tuck: Harbors of Refuge. Post-Vesuvian Population Shifts in Italian Harbor Communities

V.M. Hope: Life at Sea, Death on Land. The Funerary Commemoration of the Sailors of Roman Misenum

N. Bargfeldt: Unnoticed Diversity in MIsenum: Revealing a Multifaceted Society in a Roman Harbour City

L. Hackworth Petersen: People and Gods in the Necropoleis of Pompeii. Isis in the Last Decade

J. Hjarl Petersen: Protecting Me Every Step of the Way. Dionysian Symbolism in the Burial Culture of Roman Ostia

M. Spanu: Working and Dying in the Harbour Cities of Roman Asia Minor. An Appraisal of the Funerary Inscriptions

J. Carlsen: Epitaphs and the Demography of the Imperial Slaves and Freedmen in Roman Carthage

J. Pearce & R. Redfern: Port Societies on Rome's Atlantic Facade. A Funerary Perspective