Excavations on Timpone della Motta, Francavilla Marittima

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Project director: Gloria Paola Mittica
Scientific management: Gloria Paola Mittica, Danish Institute in Rome; Jan Kindberg Jacobsen, Centre for Urban Network Evolutions (UrbNet), Aarhus University; Sine Grove Saxkjær, Danish Institute in Rome; Søren Handberg, Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History, University of Oslo (UiO).
In June 2017, the Danish Institute in Rome initiated a research and excavation project within the hilltop sanctuary on Timpone della Motta, close to present day Francavilla Marittima and some 12 kilometers from the ancient Greek city of Sybaris. The project aims to excavate the so-called MS3 area, in which an altar from the first half of the 6th century BC has come to light together with other architectural remains. These previous excavations were conducted between 2008 and 2010 by Jan Kindberg Jacobsen and Gloria Paola Mittica in collaboration with the Groningen Institute of Archaeology, The Netherlands.

In 2017, an extensive excavation area has been laid out to the west, south and east of the 2008-2010 excavation, covering a total area of 12 x 24 m. The objective of this years' excavation is to establish the altar´s westward extent as well as the possible continuation of a floor located to the east of the altar, which was first identified in 2009. In addition, the excavation seeks to clarify the extent and nature of accumulations ritual material in the area south of the altar.
The fieldwork will continue until November 2017 and a preliminary report will appear shortly after on:
The excavation is supplementary to the research project 'The Sphere of the Divine – Religious Transformations of the Timpone della Motta in its Western Mediterranean Setting'. The project is financed by the Carlsberg Foundation and conducted by Gloria Paola Mittica. The project will present an assembled scientific analysis of the religious and ritual transformation of the sanctuary in the period from c. 800 BC to c. 510 BC.
The Danish Institute in Rome is collaborating with the municipality of Francavilla Marittima as well as the Associazione per la Scuola Internazionale d'Archeologia "Lagaria" in order to promote the archaeological heritage of Francavilla Marittima to an Italian and international audience. The municipality of Francavilla Marittima likewise contributes with vital logistic support for students and staff.
The University of Copenhagen and the University of Aarhus have generously contributed with financial support during the 2017 campaign.