Text – Memory – Monument

The use of the past in Italian Renaissance culture

(Summer School)

The Italian Renaissance (c. 1350-1550) is a key period in Euro­pean cultural history. Italian Renaissance writers and artists were instrumental in modelling our view of the individual, of nature and the surrounding world, and by reviving a number of the litera­ry and artistic idioms of classical Antiquity they effectively decid­ed the development of European art and literature for centuries afterwards.

This international 2-week summer school will show how Italian Renaissance Humanism produced a broad spectrum of new political, philosophical and scientific ideas, and artistic developments, which became key elements in the formation of modern Europe. It will take advantage of its setting in Rome to explore the relevant sights of Antique and Renaissance Rome. Teaching will be conducted by a team of experts in Renaissance Humanism, literature, philosophy, language and art.

Text–Memory–Monument has been developed together with the Nordic Network for Renaissance Studies and is part of AU Summer University.

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Programme 2017

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